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The critics in prestigious media including Elle México, Glamour México y Latinoamérica, Harper's Bazaar en Español, Marie Claire México y Latinoamérica, Cosmopolitan en Español, Vanidades México, GQ México, Ok!, Cosmopolitan México, Seventeen, bbMundo, Fernanda, NYLON México share the beauty experience existing in Evercil to millions of readers interested in learning the newest to always look spectacular. With Evercil, wake up to beauty...

Síntesis. August, 2017.


Christophe Belloncle, president of Evercil, spoke about the arrival of the franchise to Pachuca, the expansion plans of the brand in the state, as well as he described what is the franchise about.

Excelsior, supplemen "Inversiones PyMES y franquicias". July, 2017.


In the "Inversiones PyMES y franquicias" supplement, the newspaper interviewed Myriam Millán (founder of Evercil), who spoke about the history of Evercil, their success story and the franchise model of the company.

El Economista. June, 2017.


The newspaper interviewed Christophe Belloncle, co-founder of Evercil, and talked about how the brand emerged, how the business became a franchise and the amount of investment to acquire one. He also talked about the quality of their products and taking care of the customer.

TresMil400. May, 2017.


The magazine talks about the success of Evercil and how, due to the quality of its service, many of their clients become franchisees of the brand.

El Heraldo de México. May, 2017.


The newspaper spoke with seven successful women, including Myriam Millán (founder of Evercil), who shared her lifestyle, the formula behind her success and her proposals. She also talked about the advances, but also the challenges, many women face nowadays.

La Verdad, Yucatán. April, 2017.


During Evercil's participation in the Entrepreneurial Tour in Merida, the newspaper tells the story of how the brand emerges and its expansion in Mexico. It also tells us about the amount of investment to have an Evercil franchise and everything included in it.

Mujer Ejecutiva. February, 2017.


In this issue Myriam Millán, the creator of Evercil, talks about the Evercil franchisee profile, the success that can be achieved by owning a franchise, as well as she also talks about the amount of investment for an Evercil clinic and everything it includes.

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