The Press Recommends Evercil

Seventeen. March, 2012.


The magazine recommends the eyelash stimulator for its natural contents and its practical use. "Make them kilometric with the Evercil eyelash stimulator."

Vanidades Novias. February, 2012.


The magazine recommends Evercil keratin hair treatments as the most innovative, with natural ingredients, chemical free and they stay longer in each thread.

MODAlité. February, 2012.


The Italian magazine specialized in the beauty industry, talks about the success of the Evercil franchise and their eyelash extensions technique. "Shocking and spectacular eyelashes, just in Evercil."

Marie Claire. February, 2012.


The magazine recommends Evercil keratin hair treatments, especially Granadatherapy. "For its formol- free formula is ideal for controlling curly or thick hair, shaping it."

GQ. January, 2012.


The magazine recommends "Evercil Essence Mask for Man". "This mask revitalizes male skin, has a relaxing effect, reduces inflammation and hydrates."

Cosmopolitan. January, 2012.


The magazine recommends the best option for curling your eyelashes. "The best option is the Evercil hot eyelash curler and thanks to its constant, allows your eyelashes to curl virtually alone."

Saludable. December, 2011.


"Beautify your eyes with Evercil eyelash extensions. Look great for the holidays."

Marie Claire. December, 2011.


Long eyelashes for this season. The magazine recommends the Evercil hot eyelash curler. "Electric curler that does not damage your lashes and gives a uniform curl."

Good Housekeeping. December, 2011.


The magazine recommends the beauty salon of the month: Evercil clinic.

Fernanda. December, 2011.


"I tried it and was fascinated... Wearing thicker and longer eyelashes throughout the day is now possible with Evercil eyelash extensions."

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