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Eyelash Extensions Application Service


Evercil eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers that give a 100% natural sensation and appearance, since they are curved in order to look as if they were yours. Luxurious and specialized tools are used for a totally secure procedure.


Spectacular, longer and thicker.

So natural, as is they were yours.

Semipermanent, they can last for months.

Neither burn nor irritate your eyes.

Water resistant.

They do not damage your natural eyelashes.




Keratin Hair Treatments Application Service


It's a revolutionary and innovative method to repair the hair, which your clients will love. It's been developed with 100% natural materials from Brazil and Mexico based on nanomolecular technology. These particle are so little that millions of them might fit in the head of a pin..


These particles settle and seal deeply inside the damaged hair, covering it with a permanent not soluble layer that imitates the natural keratin. By having covered the hair with keratin, it manages to repair, nourish, retains the color, turns it easier to brush and makes it smooth, docile, shiny and healthy during 2 to 4 months following our advices and using our maintenance products. In addition, it offers protection against the use of hair equipment that is used every day in the hair life, such as ceramic flat irons, titanium irons and hair dryers.









With the aromatherapy principle, your body will be relaxed and your skin will be hydrated at the same time.


The aroma diffuser has a new and advanced ultrasonic technology which facilitates to break the water and oil mixture into millions of micro particles, allowing to spread the ingredients of the essential oils, which can be easily absorbed by the body and to scent the room for a longer time.











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