Eyelash Extensions



We guarantee you a spectacular look…


The Evercil eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers that give a 100% natural sensation and appearance, since they are curved in order to look as if they were yours.


The Evercil eyelash extensions are applied to your lashes without touching your skin. We use hypoallergenic and specialized tools for a completely safe procedure.


Spectacular, longer and thicker.

So natural, as if they were yours.

Semipermanent, they can last months.

Neither burn nor irritate your eyes.

Water resistant.

They do not damage your natural eyelashes.


With a minimum care you can enjoy the maximum benefits of wearing eyelash extensions because you can optimize your time each morning and look spectacular at any time of your day. Forget about mechanical curlers, mascara, eyeliner and makeup removers!





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